Design L.&C. Arnold Stendal, 1928

layko table and stool embody the simple, elegant construction of tubular steel furniture in the best Bauhaus tradition. The design feature, the closed round tube loop, is extremely stable, and its timeless simplicity makes it ideal for use as a table and stool in many areas.

The layko table is a veritable all-rounder. It is equally suitable as a simple desk or meeting table in the office or at home, where it also makes a very good desk. However, layko also makes an excellent compact yet filigree dining table in classically modern living environments.

layko is the perfect stool for when there is a sudden need for additional seating. It is available in two versions: with a wickercovered, black-stained beech frame, or with leather upholstery.

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2 bars in round tube 22 x 2 mm are connected to 4 flaps to support the seat

Chrome (20 micron bright nickel + 5 micron chrome)

Upholstered or wicker seat with wooden frame in natural or black-stained beech

In fabric class 1, 2, 3 or leather

Choice of white plastic glides or felt glides

Stool, chrome-plated frame. Seat with high upholstery, leather
Stool, chrome-plated frame. Seat with high upholstery, leather