Tradition. innovation. Design with character. L&C stendal

L&C stendal is a company with a varied, typically German history. Founded in the late 19th century, we are one of the pioneers in metal processing in the furniture industry. Our highly varied product range at the time included metal beds and washstands, sledges and bottle cupboards – in short, anything and everything that could possibly be made of metal. In the 1920s, our proximity to Bauhaus in Dessau proved to be a happy coincidence. Bauhaus wanted to collaborate with the industry, and L&C Arnold in Stendal proved to be a partner who was equally keen to experiment. This led to visionary ideas, the joint production of prototypes, and successful competitive contributions.

The production of chrome-plated tubular steel furniture for home interiors then commenced in 1930. We continue to develop and produce high quality tubular steel items in this tradition to this day. Our traditions and the material require us to ensure that every single step in the production process is carried out with the greatest possible care and attention. Otherwise it is simply not possible to achieve perfect, high gloss chrome surfaces. Of course, this care applies in equal measure to the environment. Our works, and the metal production and surface finishing departments in particular, are equipped to the latest environmental standards and are regularly checked by independent experts.

Tubular steel remains a modern material today, its versatility and timeless elegance matched by everyday characteristics such as robustness and lightness. And: the characteristics of other materials we use, such as wood, new wool and leather, are further enhanced in the interplay with the high gloss surfaces.

The designers with whom we work are always able to find new and innovative sides to our materials, and amaze and delight us with new product ideas. We work together to turn these ideas into marketable products, remaining true to our tradition of being curious, open and innovative.

And this is where it shows that we are a small, flexible company that manufactures its products in Germany. Our consistently high design standards, excellent quality and value for money, and complete service orientation are the key criteria for a successful company.