Make work relaxing and effective!
The L&C conference chairs guarantee elegant design and unlimited seating comfort.

Waiting rooms

We’ve all experienced them – long waits to see a doctor or official or lawyer. Comfortable furniture is essential during waiting times.

Waiting almost becomes a pleasure in an armchair with soft upholstery and practical armrests. The flexibly positioned coat rack makes sure your coat is always in your sight.

Refectory / canteen

Practical furniture, functional tables and chairs, easy-care and robust, flexible, easy to set up, take down and transport, and compact in storage. Simple elegance and good looks. The design language of the furniture blends perfectly with the architecture.

These are all requirements that will be met by good chairs and tables for large rooms such as refectories, canteens or staff casinos.

Functions / Events

Elegant yet functional chairs give a room an unmistakeable character. They add form and spirit to a room. Rather than defining the architecture, they support it. They are appropriate to various occasions, are practical, quickly set up and taken down, and yet offer a high level of sitting comfort.

A good chair is notable for being easy to handle, stack and link.

L&C chairs


Lounges are the feel-good zones of a company, hotel or law office where customers are welcomed in a stylish ambience.
They encourage users to spend time there, to relax, or withdraw to discuss important issues in peace and quiet.

The furniture in this area is the establishment’s calling card. It expresses how much you value your visitors.
L&C lounge furniture


Walnut “Star”, the current table-and-chair family by L&C, appeals for its tasteful clarity and stringency. The soft, ergonomic lines of the seat shells provide the optimum seating comfort.
The gentle hint of a knee roll in particular adds to the comfort while sitting, and fits any leg length. High quality round tube was mitre cut in the manufacturing process.

What makes it so special: the contour cutting of the chair and table are filigree, and matched individually to each other. The various wood designs and upholstery options offer plenty of scope for combining, while the stringency of the chair and table family is maintained.